Our Custom Services

HCTC Firearms strives to provide our customers with the highest quality Gunsmithing, the highest level of service, and reasonable turnaround time.  We complete all work in house unless pre-arranged with our customers.  If the cost of customization or repair will exceed the value to our customers, we will contact you prior to any work being completed.  If it is not specifically listed, we do not offer it, will have to outsource it, or have chosen not to complete these jobs.

With this in mind, HCTC Firearms is proud to offer many package deals for customization, restoration, and repairs.  It does not make sense to complete a refinish on a 70 year old firearm that is going to be used without also replacing needed springs and parts at the same time.  This may add a small additional cost initially; however, this will give a much better value for your money and keep from adding additional repair costs in the future.  If there is something that should be done that we believe strongly in, we will encourage it.  There is never any pressure for additional services.

All firearms are required to be test fired prior to being returned to the owner.  Yes, this is to protect us from additional liability, but it also protects you from unsatisfactory repairs.  We strive to complete this at the lowest possible cost to the customer.  This is usually only at the cost of ammunition.  Unusual or rare calibers may require additional time to complete repairs.  If you have specific ammunition that you will use, let us know.  We will strive to use it or ask that you send some when you submit your project.

HCTC Firearms, LLC must be notified prior to shipping us any repairs.  Some States and local areas have specific laws and rules that must be followed.  Any firearms delivered that we have not been agreed to be received will be refused at the cost of the owner.  If turnaround times are running too long, or a longer delay is expected, we may ask that you delay the shipping of your firearm.

HCTC Firearms specializes in business to business transactions.  We always put our commercial customers at the top of the list.  We offer among the most competitive pricing and fastest turnaround times available.  HCTC Firearms has worked closely with several retail stores and other gunsmiths for several years.  We value these relationships and always are looking to expand our network.

If any firearms are found to be unsafe to fire, the owner will be immediately notified.  The cost of repairs will be discussed with the owner.  Nothing will be completed until the firearm is returned to a safe firing condition (unless reason for repair or conversion to non-firing condition).  The owner will be responsible for all return shipping.
All repairs require the cost of parts at time of submission of the firearm.  Up to 50% of the repair costs may be required before work begins.  The balance is due within 30 days of completion of the work.  Payment in full is due within 30 days of completion of work.  A late fee of 15% will be assessed if the transaction is not completed.  After 60 days, the firearm will become property of HCTC Firearms and sold for the balance due.