Building a custom firearm is among the most rewarding endeavors one can take. These guns become family heirlooms and cherished possessions. Investing the time and money into a custom build firearm is not for everyone. Most firearms on the market today are reliable and comfortable. For those wanting to customize something they already own, or rehab that old gun in the safe, we offer cost saving packages to our customers. These are our most requested services, along with the services we recommend

1911 Shooter package


Firearm is completely stripped, cleaned, and polished. Extractor is replaced with a custom tuned and polished tool steel model. Barrel is polished and throated. Breach face is polished. Recoil spring and firing pin spring are replaced. Trigger job is done with an adjustable trigger installed. Gun is test fired for function and point of aim.

1911 Comfort Package


Everything listed above is completed with the addition of the following: Brown or S&A beaver tail grip safety is installed. Novak front and rear sights are installed. Cylinder and Slide tool steel fire control parts are installed. Trigger is set at #4-#4.5. Ambi safety is installed.

Smith and Wesson Revolvers


Revolver is completely stripped, cleaned, and inspected. Action job is completed with a single action trigger pull of #3. Endshake and alignment are set. Forcing cone cut to 11*. Cylinders chamfered for faster reloading. Barrel recrowned 11*. Gun will be smooth!!! Sights will be regulated.

Remington 870 Package


Shotgun will be stripped, cleaned, and inspected. Barrel shortened to 18” or 20”. New bead installed. All worn parts replaced(possible additional cost). Gun will be KG Gunkoted in black, OD green, or FDE. Oversized safety and Ex power mag spring/follower installed.

M1 Garand/M-14/M1A/M1 Carbine/1903/1917

All guns will be disassembled, inspected, and cleaned. All metal will be re parkerized. All springs will be replaced with new Wolff springs. Guns will be gauged for condition. Barrels will be recrowned prior to finishing. Stocks will be rubbed out with pumice and receive a new coat of oil. Guns will be test fired and zeroed.

M1 Garand/M1A


M1 Carbine




AR-15/M-16 reliability package


Guns will be stripped, cleaned, and inspected. All carbines will receive new buffer spring and H buffer. Rifles will receive new spring and buffer. Gas tube and rings replaced. Gas key properly staked. Extractor spring, booster, donut, and ejector spring replaced with our spec parts. Barrel, chamber, gas port, and crown will be inspected. Iron sights will be zeroed.

All prices listed are approximate and depend on each job, volume, condition, ect.