“I’ve known Nick Franssen for several years in both a professional and a civilian environment.

I have watched Nick teach firearms classes to unskilled civilians and skilled law enforcement alike. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow from a new firearms instructor to an accomplished professional instructor in rifle, pistol and shotgun. I’d like to think I had a small part in the journey.

I have also watched Nick become a skilled gunsmith over the same time frame. I have been fortunate in having Nick available to work on my firearms when one of them has had issues or I needed improvements or upgrades done. Nick has color coated several of my firearms over the time I have known him in OD green, FDE tan or gun metal blue.

Nick’s ability to smith on a variety of firearms is impressive. His work on Smith & Wesson revolvers, 1911 pistols and Browning High Powers has to be seen to be appreciated. Nick is equally skilled at building accurate bolt action tactical and sporting rifles as he is at working on tactical and sporting shotguns.

Nick Franssen has become my go to gunsmith for  gun work on my firearms and for my gun related questions when I come up with a new project and need to know it’s fiesability.”

T. Caines

1SG, Army Ret.
Deputy Sheriff
Firearms Instructor

Gunsmithing and Firearms Refinishing by HCTC Firearms

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“Nick has always delivered consistently good work at reasonable pricing with a quick return.  It is no fun getting excited over a project and waiting for months to get it back. Nick has done at least 8 custom barrels for me. The longest wait was 2 weeks, with the shortest being only 2 days. That’s awesome. From recontouring and threading, to custom length benchgun barrels,  some of my best shooters have Nick’s barrels.
I recently brought nick a problem ar15 upper. This upper defied my persistent and dedicated efforts to remove the barrel nut. Someone had used some type of force to put it on forever. Undaunted, Nick had it apart undamaged in 10 minutes.
Nick has passion for the classics too.  This is rarely seen in the new generation of gunsmiths.  He retimed 2 old Smiths for me that most did not want to touch.  I will continue to send work his way!!!!”

J. Bear

Lasson Community College Gunsmithing Program Graduate

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“I have been a customer of HCTC Firearms for several years.  HCTC has done a variety of gunsmithing for me.  HCTC has built custom AR barrels in several calibers.  All of the HCTC barrels possess the exact same characteristics:  They feed reliably and are highly accurate.  HCTC built a 300 Blackout barrel that I have shot sub minute of angle groups with at 100 yards using handloaded ammunition.  Even the 5 barrel lot of AR 9mm barrels when back to Quantaco have shot far greater than could ever be expected.  These are right there, or exceed, all of the greats.
I have viewed a variety of other projects completed by HCTC and have been routinely impressed with the attention to detail that HCTC puts into their work.  I am extremely happy with the end product that HCTC puts out.”
“Name Withheld” 19 Year Federal Law Enforcement Officer/Firearms Instructor

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” If you are looking for firearms training or you are looking to build your first Carbine, hunting rifle or you just want to tune up or repair your firearms look no further that HCTC Firearms for all your needs. Whether your a beginner, novice, skilled or expert shooter there defensive hand gun course is the way to go. Nick Franssen and his instructors are in my opinion some of the best Firearms instructors around.
HCTC’s course curriculum is well thought out and executed with strong emphasis on safety every step of the way. His classes are fun and exciting and after the end of the day you will walk away feeling greater confidence in your shooting skills. Whether its’ self defense or competition shooting HCTC has everything you need to help you shoot better and accurately.
If you are looking for gun repair, tune up of your gun or you want a gun built for you Nick is one of the best gunsmiths I have had the pleasure of knowing. Nick is a true professional and takes great pride in his work and is easily one of the most knowable gunsmiths around that I have had the pleasure to call my friend. The skill and craftsmanship of his work is remarkable and he backs every build or repair 100%. Every custom rifle Nick has built for me I have truly  witnessed first hand the love that Nick puts into not only my builds but every build. The best part is that all of this is very affordable.
HCTC has earned my respect and continued business. Give HCTC a try I guarantee that you will walk away happy and will want to come back to HCTC for all your training and gunsmithing needs in the future!”

Michael Moore
Federal Way, Washington